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Some Dating Advice

No magic, no secrets
Stop looking for love. It doesn't work that way. Focus on your self-improvement. Extend yourself to others. Present the best person you can to those you encounter. Love will find you.

Are you a jerk?
Women are used to dealing with jerks. They have "jerk radar" and special jerk-avoidance strategies. They discuss this among themselves all the time. If you are a jerk or have jerk-like tendencies, you are doomed until you change. It's just that simple.

You should be flirting at every opportunity. Flirting is all about conversation. The way to a woman's heart is through her ear. Hence, you need to speak to as many women as possible every day. You are not rude, aggressive, threatening -- just friendly. A bit of friendly small talk never hurt anyone.

Don't live for love, love to live
You were happy before you met her and if things don't work out you will be happy afterwards. So this is the secret. It's not a Porsche, ripped abs or the right pair of sunglasses. You are a pleasure to be with because you are basically happy with yourself and your life.Things are just better when you are around.

Meeting Her Friends (and Family)
When meeting her friends and family, remember, you are about to be put on display. Listen twice as much as you talk; drink very little, if at all; and try to keep the evening reasonably short. All you have to do is relax, let her do the work and avoid stupid mistakes.

If you can be successful at becoming friends with a woman you have the basis for building a relationship with any woman. You need to develop the skills and have the experience. Besides, you can never have too many friends